Training Blocks

Lots of people work out. Very few people's workouts create tangible and sustainable changes in their bodies. Unlike mainstream fitness brands, IsO Movement Systems strives to help you create the change you're looking for. This is why we designed Training Blocks.


Training Blocks are 3-month Movement Systems that are prescheduled and designed for you according to your assessment, goals, and timeline. They are meant to help you achieve consistency while accommodating your schedule. Depending on your goals, your training block can be designed to last 3, 6, or 9 months, with assessments every 3 months. 

With assessments every 3 months, Training Blocks allow for constant reevaluation of how the training is working for you. This constant evaluation forces both you and your trainer to stay accountable to your goals, while keeping your schedule and training consistent. Training Blocks made it easy to be goal-oriented while accommodating your busy schedule, thus reducing the failure rate of your system by removing obstacles before they become obstacles.

Training Block Process:

Assessment & Film Review #1

Static Posture, Movement Quality, and/or Sprint Gait

Goal Setting

Pain Management, Postural Modification, General Athletic Performance

Choose, Schedule, and Execute Your Program

Movement Education Sessions, Training Sessions, Assessment Reviews

Assessment & Film Review #2

Static Posture, Movement Quality, Sprint Gait