Private Clients can reschedule any session if they do so more than 12 hours before a session. The session can be rescheduled within 7 days of the original session or moved to the end of the package.

Sessions cancelled within the 12 hour window (late cancelled) can be made up in the two weeks following the end of your training block. However, there is a limit to the number of late cancelled sessions that can be rescheduled, depending on the weekly frequency of sessions within your training block. If your training block includes 2 sessions per week, you will only be eligible to reschedule up to 2 sessions per week in the two weeks following your training block (i.e. if you late cancel more than 4 sessions, you will be unable to reschedule the additional cancelled sessions. If your training block consisted of 3 sessions per week, you would only be eligible to reschedule 6 late cancelled sessions, and so on).

Any change in session frequency requires a full payout of the remaining sessions at the time of the change.